Over the years, Palouse Care Network has changed and improved to better serve the community. We celebrate how we have grown. When we see a need, we make an effort to meet it. Like Jesus, Palouse Care Network wants to meet people at their point of need and celebrate life change.

Palouse Care Network is divided into three main areas – resources, medical services, and education. To paint a picture of how we have stepped into new and exciting things this past year, let’s take a look at the Resource Center. Our Resource Coordinator’s desire is for every client to feel valued, heard, supported, and loved. This means that every connection she builds is intentional to welcoming each client into the Palouse Care Network family, and ultimately into the family of Jesus Christ.

Community Among Clients

One of the ways Palouse Care Network has made improvements so that clients feel valued and loved is by creating community among the clients. We have implemented a Thanksgiving dinner tradition where our resource staff and volunteers provide a Thanksgiving meal for our resource clients to celebrate together as a family. Throughout the year, resource teachers are striving for connection in their classes. These classes are a safe place for clients to support and encourage one another, not only in parenting but also in life. Each class begins with taking prayer requests and praying together. This allows individuals of all backgrounds and faiths to create a sense of community and experience compassion. New clients are welcomed warmly, which creates a sense of belonging and support for everyone. This new Thanksgiving tradition gives our clients a space to celebrate the community they have built together.

New Service Offered

Over time, another way Palouse Care Network has entered into making clients feel heard and supported is through car seat checks. Palouse Care Network has a trained car seat technician on staff in order to ensure all new parents can take their newborns home safely and with confidence. Palouse Care Network offers brand new car seats during these car seat checks, along with information on how the seat works, how to choose and fit future seats, and guidance on how to install the new car seat. The victory is in seeing these new parents empowered to bring their babies home safely, and with care from the beginning.

Empowering to Grow

In addition to material needs being met, Palouse Care Network has also taken steps to ensure our clients have opportunities to grow in their compassion for giving.  Palouse Care Network believes in calling up clients because they are capable in making a difference in the world through Jesus too. Therefore, while Palouse Care Network continues with the Adopt-a-Family tradition during the Christmas season as a way to bless our clients, clients have also been invited to participate in the Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox drive. Participating in this drive has allowed clients to give back when the community has given them so much. Clients have shown their generosity through this program by giving up their own Earn While You Learn points to “buy” items for the shoeboxes.  Clients also have an opportunity to share their talents and culture in contributing their favorite dish at the annual EWYL class potluck. 

It is because of generous and supportive donors and prayer warriors in our community that all of this and so much more has been made possible. If you would like to become a part of loving and caring for our clients, you can give here.

To learn more about all the services offered by Palouse Care Network, check out our services page.

– Kathleen Richter, Resource Coordinator