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Palouse Care Network is committed to serving our community with the highest ethical standards of management, accountability, and confidential, compassionate care. We value our collaboration with supporting individuals, churches, community organizations, universities, schools, and government agencies in creating our network of care.


We are committed to building a community where all human life is valued and welcomed, and we are committed to creating a network of services and relationships to accomplish that end.

We are committed to ensuring that free medical diagnosis of pregnancy, accurate information about abortion and abortion alternatives, resources for parenting, referrals for adoption, and nurturing, compassionate support are readily available to any woman who finds herself in an unintended pregnancy.

We are committed to giving single moms and young families the help they need to parent well.

We are committed to educating young people and parents about the integrated nature of sexual and reproductive health decisions. Young people need to know the impact on their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual health when sexuality is disconnected from the rest of their personhood.

We are committed to ensuring that there is a path of healing available for those who suffer from the aftermath of an abortion decision or other sexual decisions and exploitation.

We envision that our faith-based Christian organization will provide services that are sought out by those from every background, ethnic and faith community because we have secured the trust of our neighbors through providing excellent, compassionate, respectful care in every area in which we minister.

Palouse Care Network is a Member of:

  • Moscow Chamber of Commerce
  • Pullman Chamber of Commerce
  • Colfax Chamber of Commerce


We are committed to linking clients to life-affirming Christian organizations to further support their well being. By networking with area churches, we strive to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ in practical ways, and in a manner that is understood by those in need.

Businesses, Service Groups, & Student Groups:

We are committed to partnering with an ever-growing list of affiliated businesses, churches, organizations, and groups. We love making local referrals to our clients. This is a great way to connect them to the help they need. Working together, we are truly a “Network of Care.”