Individual Education

Palouse Care Network offers ongoing support in many areas. We offer the following one-on-one courses at no cost.

Healthy Relationship Support

Are you engaged or seriously considering marriage? Or are you single and wanting to start off on the right foot in your next relationship? Our healthy relationship support programs are designed to learn how to build a solid foundation and create a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

Life Coaching

Behind every successful team is a coach who helped them get there. A life coach is similar. Life coaching is tailored to you and the goals you want to meet.

Sexual Assault Recovery

Have you experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse? Do you love someone who has? Our sexual assault recovery programs are designed to provide a path towards healing for those affected.

Domestic Abuse Recovery

Have you experienced domestic abuse? Are you currently in an abusive relationship that you want to get out of? We offer support for both victims and survivors of domestic violence in a safe and confidential setting that can help you recover from the wounds of an abusive relationship.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Have you experienced the grief of miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion? You are not alone. Through pregnancy loss support we can help you find healing and hope from the grief of a pregnancy loss.

Parenting Support

We believe all parents want a healthy future for their kids. We also know that parenthood isn’t easy. Do you have questions or need support in parenthood? We can help you find answers.

Pornography Recovery

Have you struggled with habitually watching pornography? Do you love someone who struggles? Talking with one of our client advocates is a great first step on the road to freedom from a pornography addiction.

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