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Though emotional turmoil over past sexually-related choices happens, it doesn’t have to last for the rest of your life. Our programs are specifically designed to address your healing needs. Biblically-based lessons focus on your value in the eyes of God and equip you to move beyond the distress of past decisions. Groups are facilitated by trained peer-advocates. A confidential consultation is required for group placement. Clients with needs beyond the scope of our services will receive a personal referral to a licensed professional.


Confidential email:
Phone: 208-882-2370

 Post Abortion Healing

  • “Still Waters” is a post abortion recovery group. You will participate in a study based on biblical truths. As you share in this journey, you will find the tools and nurturing support to overcome the shame and sorrow of a past abortion. Use our free self-assessment tool to determine if you have Post Abortion Distress Symptoms.

Sexual Healing

  • Sexual Health classes teach strategies for successful and long-lasting relationships.
    • “Blueprint for Sexual Integrity” outlines healthy relationships based on God’s amazing plan. By understanding male and female differences, and our unique strengths, we grow to appreciate God’s design for intimacy.
    • “Path to Sexual Healing” is a solution-driven process of recovery from the pain of an unhealthy sexual past. Confidential, individual sessions are tailored to deal with your past and give you tools to achieve your long term relationship goals.

Just for Men

  • “Quest” for single guys. Through the support of men mentoring men,  you can become a man of strength and integrity. Bible-based study in a casual format with other men who are walking that same road, provides you with the tools to become who you want to be.
  • Post Abortion healing for men is available.