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Overcoming Obstacles: Amber’s Story

Sep 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

Amber and Scarlett

Being a parent can be an incredible challenge, and being a single parent even more so. Palouse Care Network comes along side parents to help them be the best they can be. Read about Amber’s experience in parenting classes and life coaching at Palouse Care Network.

In October 2013, a sweet and spunky girl named Amber walked through our doors. She was five months pregnant.

“When I first came here, I felt judged because I was pregnant, but then I realized that all the staff and volunteers really cared about me,” she said.

Amber prepared for the challenges of new motherhood by taking parenting classes at Palouse Care Network.  Looking back, Amber says, “It was hard to deal with the huge responsibility of taking care of another person.” But she faithfully attended one-on-one classes and group classes, and gained knowledge which was helpful when beautiful, blue-eyed baby Scarlett was born.

Soon after Scarlett’s birth, Amber decided to become a client of the Life Coaching program. Life Coaches are trained lay counselors who come alongside the clients and help them achieve their goals, similar to the role of a personal trainer at the gym. The coaches support them through difficult areas of life. This could be anything from an unplanned pregnancy to making overwhelming lifestyle changes, such as changing habits and developing constructive patterns.

I asked Amber what she would share with someone who is interested in the Life Coaching program and she responded, “No one is here to judge you. They only want to help you move forward in whatever situation you’re in. It’s about you—about what you want to achieve; it’s whatever you want to work on.” Amber has made many positive changes in her life due to the help of life coaching, including learning how to redirect her anger in a positive way.

Amber will continue taking classes, working, and raising baby Scarlett, who is growing up fast.

“I’m excited to see who she is when she gets older, when she’s her own little person; what she’ll look like, her first words, when she starts walking.”

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